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                                       7. MY SCHOOL (INSTITUTE) LIFE.


1. Do you like to study at school (in the institute) and why? Yes, I do. I like to study at school, because I get to know a lot of interesting there.

2. Have you ever been an excellent student at school? Yes, I have. I was an excellent student in the first form.

3. What subjects are you good at? I’m good at … (Math, Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

4. What is your favourite subject and why do you like it? My favourite subject is …because…

5. What is your unfavourite subject and why? I dislike …because…

6. What is your favourite teacher and why? I like my Math teacher, because it’s very interesting at her lessons.

7 What is your unfavourite teacher and why? I don’t like our Geography teacher, because she shouts at us all the time.

8. Is your school far from your house? No, it isn’t.

9. How long does it take you to get there? It takes me … minutes to get to my school.

10. Have you got a security service or a pass system in your school? Yes, we have. Two big cops stay at the entrance doors all day long.

11. Who awakes you for school? My granny does.

12. Who cooks breakfast for you? My mother does.

13. What do you have for lunch at school? Usually I have some sandwiches and coffee.

14. Do you repeat your lessons before school in the morning? Yes, I do it, but very seldom.

15. Do you like to be asked at the lessons? Yes, I do, but only when I know my lessons well.

16. Do you work actively at the lessons or sit still like a mouse? Sometimes I work actively, but sometimes I play fool.

17. What do you like to do at the breaks? I prefer to talk to my classmates.

18. Are there many hooligans in your school and what crimes do they commit?

19. How many excellent students are there in your class? There are three excellent boys and two girls in my class.

20. Have you got a bosom-friend in your class? Yes, I have.     

21. How long have you known your bosom-friend? I’ve known him for five years.

22. How often do you quarrel with your bosom-friend and why? I quarrel with him not very often and mainly because of some trifles.

23. How do you like to spend your spare time with your bosom-friend? I like to go for a walk with him.

24. What do you like to do at your PE lessons? I like to play sport games at my PE lessons.

25. How many boys and girls of your class smoke? I think only a few of them do it.

26. What holidays do you celebrate with your classmates? Usually we celebrate the Women’s Day together.

27. What presents do you give to the boys (girls) of your class for the Women’s Day (The fatherland Defender’s) Day? We usually give them…

28. Are there many handsome boys and beautiful girls in your class and how well do they study? There are three really handsome boys and two beautiful girls in my class and they study not so well.

29. What’s the best band of your class? We like The Elephants very much.

30. What is the best football club of your class? We like…

31. Do your classmates play any musical instruments at your parties? Yes, some boys play the guitars and one girl plays the piano.

32. What dances do you prefer to dance – slow or fast? I like both, to tell the truth.

33. Have you ever travelled with your class? Yes, I have. I visited St. Petersburg last year.

34. Do you think you’re getting a good education and why? I think…

35. Do you suppose your future life depends on your education? Yes, it does, but just a little. 

36. In USA, UK students are divided into three groups according to their mental abilities. What do you think of it and why? I think it’s right, because every student may get a proper education.

37. Will you continue your education after finishing school and why? Yes, I shall. I’m going to enter an institute.

38. Do you cheat or use cribs at the lessons and why? I cheat or use cribs when I ‘m not ready for my lessons and still want to have a good mark. I know, it’s too bad.

39. Is there a leader in your class and do you like him (her)?

40. Would you like to study abroad and what do you do for it?

41. Can you operate PC?

42. Do you work at the computer at school and how do you like it?

43. Have you got your home PC and why?

44. Have you ever entered the INTERNET and why?

45. Have you ever shirked your lessons and why?

46. Who helps you to do your homework and why?

47. What would you like to change in your school life and why?

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