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                             1. MY BIRTHDAY.             

  1. When is your birthday? My birthday is on the seventeenth of November.
  2. Do you like the date and why? No, I don’t like the date because the weather on that date is usually rotten, but I adore the day itself as it’s my birthday.
  3. What kind of presents do you like to get? Most of all I like to get computer and audio CDs, smart clothes and sometimes money.
  4. Who do you invite to your birthday party? I always invite my parents, relatives and friends to my birthday.
  5. Where do you celebrate your birthday? Usually I celebrate my birthday at home, but once I marked it at my dacha. It was cool!
  6. Do you help your parents to clean the flat and do shopping and why? Sure, it’s my festivity and I do everything in my power to arrange it properly: I do shopping with my father, clean the flat with my mother and lay my own table.
  7. What do you like to eat at your birthday party? Well, concerning cold snacks I like crab salad; my favourite main course is fried chicken and chips and my choice among desserts is fruit ice-cream tart, of course.
  8. What do you like to do at your birthday party? My friends and I like to joke, play different games and go crazy at my birthday.
  9. How long does your birthday party usually last? Usually it lasts from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. and, of course, it’s not enough for me.
  10. What future birthday present are you dreaming of now? I’m dreaming of getting a super powerful computer on my next birthday.
  11. Do you want to get older as soon as possible and why? No, many thanks, I enjoy my childhood, while adults are usually so pressured with their problems.
  12. Are you usually invited to your friends’ and relatives’ birthdays and why? Yes, I am. My relatives and friends invite me to their birthdays very often because they like me.
  13. Do you enjoy it and why? Yes, I do. I like it very much because I like having pleasure time with them.
  14. What presents do you choose for your friends? I usually give them what they give me: CDs, money, etc.

                                                         2 MY BEST HOLIDAY.

  1. What is your best holiday? My best holiday is a New Year Day.
  2. Why do you like it? I like it because it’s a beautiful and fairy holiday that makes everybody happy.
  3. How do you celebrate this holiday? Together with my parents I decorate a New Year’s Tree, and then we have a holiday dinner and a great party with games and presents.
  4. Do you give any presents to your people? I usually buy some perfumes for my mother and some trifles for my father.
  5. Who with do you spend your holiday time? I spend my holiday time with my parents, relatives and, sometimes, friends.
  6. What plans do you have for your nearest favourite holiday? My next New Year Day I’m going to celebrate at my dacha with my parents and friends with lots of fireworks and fun.
  7. Where do you go on your favourite holiday? Usually I stay at home on that day, but next time I’m gonna have a change.
  8. What are your parents’ favourite holidays and why? My mother’s favourite holiday is The Women’s Day and my father’s one – The V-Day, because Mother receives a lot of complements and presents and Father likes to take us to Victory Park to talk to veterans and see the salute.
  9. Do you help your people to prepare the celebration? I certainly do. My duties are: shopping, laying the dinner table and decoration of the New Year’s Tree.
  10. Do you have holiday dinner and what is your favourite meal? We have a splendid holiday dinner and my favourite meal is the New Year’s cake.

                                                        3.TRANSPORT IN MY LIFE.

  1. What is your favourite public transport and why? My favourite public transport is metro, because it’s fast, nice and comfortable.
  2. Do you think the fare is fair and why? I think the fare is quite fair cause it costs plenty of money to pay staff wages, electricity bills, repair trains and stations and build new lines.
  3. What do you like to do during a ride? During a ride I like to listen to my i-pod, to read books, and, sometimes, to revise my lessons.
  4. Do you always give up your place to the old and why? I give up my seat to the old, because they are usually weak and sick.
  5. Have you ever travelled by train and where? I’ve travelled by train twice to the seaside.
  6. Did you like it and why? I liked it very much because I made some good friends on the train.
  7. Have your ever travelled by plane and where? I travelled by plane to Egypt on holidays last winter..
  8. Did you like it and why? I liked it because it was nice, fast and comfortable.
  9. Have you ever travelled by ship and where? Yes, I have, but it was just a water bus. I had a sailing tour down the Moscow River together with my parents.
  10. Did you like it and why? I liked it very much, because the bank-sights were so beautiful.
  11. Do you like to be driven by car and why? Yes, I do. It’s really cool, if the car is good. You feel like in a small comfortable fast-moving apartment.
  12. Would you like to have a car and what model? I’d like to have a compact city car for everyday needs and a big family car for travelling.
  13. Do you like to ride a bicycle and why? I like it very much, because it’s harmless for the nature and good for my health.
  14. What is in your opinion the way out of the car exhausts problem? I suppose, in cities people should develop systems of rapid and comfortable public transport and they should also use new environmentally friendly sources of energy and HI-TECH such as low-pollution rate bio fuel, hydrogen energy and light-weight car technology.

                                                  4. SHOPPING IN MY LIFE.

  1. Who usually goes shopping in your family and why? My parents do, because they know what and where to buy.
  2. How often do you go shopping? I go shopping once or twice a week.
  3. What do you usually buy? I usually buy what my mother asks to buy and some trifles for me.
  4. What is the biggest sum you've ever spent? The biggest sum I've ever spent was 1000 bucks.
  5. What did you buy then? Together with my parents I bought a computer then.
  6. Do you like the service at the shops and markets and why? Yes, I do, because the salespersons are usually very polite and tactful to the customers.
  7. Have you ever set a scandal because of the bad service and when? No, I don’t like scandals.
  8. Do your parents ask you to go shopping and how much money do they give you? Yes, they do. Sometimes my mother asks me to buy some bread and dairy products and she gives me up to three        hundred roubles.
  9. Do you usually plan your shopping or buy things spontaneously and why? Usually I plan what to buy, although some small, but necessary things I do buy whenever I need them. 
  10. Have you ever been robbed while doing your shopping and where? No, I’ve never been robbed.
  11. Do you ever argue about prices and why? If there is a chance to bargain successfully, I usually take it.

                                             5.RELATIONS WITH MY PARENTS.

  1. Who do you live with? I live with my mother, father, sister and granny.
  2. Do your parents often go away from home and why? No, they don’t. They usually take me with them when they go to our dacha.
  3. How do you like to spend your free time together? We like to go for a walk to the park or arrange a picnic in the forest.
  4. What questions do your parents usually ask you? They usually ask me about my marks at school and, sometimes, about my friends.
  5. What questions do you usually ask your parents? I usually ask them about their health, work and their plans to buy something or to go somewhere.
  6. What do your parents ask you to do? They ask me to do my lessons, to tidy up my room and go shopping.
  7. Do you like to do it and why? Generally I don’t like to do these boring things, but I do it to please my parents.
  8. What do you usually ask your parents to do? I usually ask my parents to buy me some things and to give me some pocket money.
  9. Do they like to do it and why? They usually buy me something nice, but they reluctantly give me money as I spend it in no time.
  10. What do your parents usually scold you for? They usually scold me for bad marks at school, when I play computer games too much and when I come home late after  walk.
  11. What excuses do you usually use? I usually spin a yarn about unfair teachers, difficult lessons and something else of that sort.
  12. Do you want to choose your parents’ professions and why? My parents are engineers and it seems to me rather boring. I’d like to be a top-class computer programmer to do an interesting job and to get enough money.
  13. Who do you take after in character and looks? I take after my father in looks and after my mother in character.
  14. Do you want to be like your parents and why? Yes, I do. They are very decent, well-educated and intelligent people.
  15. What do you think your parents are talented in? My father is talented in his profession and my mother is talented in cooking, dressing and keeping the house.

                                                      6. SPORTS IN MY LIFE.

  1. What is your favourite sport game and why? My favourite sport game is football, because it’s very thrilling.
  2. How often do you play it? I play it every day in summer and very often at my P.E. lessons in winter.
  3. Who with do you usually play it? I usually play it with my friends.
  4. Are you a good player and why? I can’t say I’m a very good player, but I try to do my best whenever I’m on the pitch.
  5. What is your favourite winter (summer) sport and why? My favourite winter sport is skiing, because I like gliding on the snow in the forest and my favourite summer sport is swimming, because it’s such a pleasant exercise.
  6. How often do you go skiing in winter? Usually I go skiing in winter twice a week.
  7. What sports do you like to watch on TV? I like to watch football and ice-hockey on TV.
  8. Are you a sports fan and why? Yes, I am. I’m a keen football fan.
  9. What sports are you going in for and why? I’m going in for swimming twice a week, because I like it very much.
  10. What bicycle have you got? I’ve got a mountain bike.
  11. What is the longest distance you’ve ever run, ridden, swum? I can run 5km, ride 30km and swim 1 km.
  12. Do you like to go on hikes and why? Yes, I do. I like going on hikes because I like the atmosphere of camping in the lap of nature being accompanied by my friends.

                                                            7.MY HOME DUTIES.

  1. Who has more duties in your family and why? My mother does, because she runs the house.
  2. What home duties can you carry out? I can sweep the floor, dust the furniture and do washing up.
  3. How often do you really carry them out? I do up my room once a week and wash the dishes every other day.
  4. Who usually teaches you how to do home duties? My mother teaches me how to run the house and my father shows me how to mend household facilities.  
  5. Who repairs taps, toilet, electric equipment in your flat and why? Sometimes my father does it and sometimes we call for a plumber or electrician to help us.
  6. What is your favourite home duty and why? My favourite home duty is sweeping the floor, because it makes the flat look clean at once.
  7. What do you hate doing and why? I hate washing the dishes, because it’s very boring.
  8. Do your parents usually ask you to carry out your duties or you do it without any reminding and why? Yes, they usually do, because I’m rather lazy.
  9. How will you share home duties in your future family? In my future family we shall help each other to do our home duties.
  10. Would you like to have servants in your home and why? I wouldn’t like to have any strangers in my house, even if it’s big.
  11. Do you ever get babysitting and how do you like it? Once I got a babysitting with my nephew and it was very exhausting.

                                                   8. MY FAVOURITE HUNTING.

  1. What kind of hunting do you like better: fishing, picking berries and mushrooms or real hunting? I prefer picking berries and gathering mushrooms, because I hate the very idea of killing animals.
  2. Where do you like to go hunting and why? I like to pick berries and mushrooms in the forest near my dacha, because it’s rather convenient for me.
  3. What is the biggest fish (mushroom) you've ever caught? Once I found a cep of 20 cm tall.
  4. Who with do you usually go hunting and why? Usually I go hunting with parents and friends because they are real mushroom-hunters.
  5. Can you tell toadstools from good mushrooms and how? I can tell toadstools by their form, colour and smell.
  6. How much fish (mushrooms) do you ever catch for one hunting? Once I gathered one pail of honey-agarics, one pail of ceps, orange- and brown-cap boletuses and a basket of bog whortleberries. 
  7. What mushroom, fish or berry dishes do you prefer? I prefer marinated mushroom salad, stuffed fish and bilberry cake.
  8. Can you cook your favourite dish yourself? I can only cook a mushroom salad, because it’s easy.

                                                 9. MUSIC IN MY LIFE.

  1. Do you have a good ear for music? Yes, I do. I have a good ear for music.
  2. Do you like music and why? I like music very much, because it inspires me.
  3. Can you play any musical instruments? Yes, I can. I can play the guitar.
  4. Do you like to sing and why? I like to sing in a company, because it’s great.
  5. What is your favourite song and why? I like to sing The Aria songs, because they are very lyrical.
  6. What kind of music do you like to listen to? I like to listen to all kinds of good music such as classical music, jazz, pop, rock, country, rap and so on.
  7. What are your favourite composers and musicians? My favourite composers are Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Marricone, Rota and my favourite musicians are Spivakov Orchestra, Paul Mauriat Orchestra, The Beatles, The Pink Floyd and The Deep Purple. 
  8. What do you think of classical music and why? I think classical music is an apex of human spirit.
  9. What classical composers do you know? I know List, Chopin, Greig, Rachmaninov, Shubert, Vivaldi and Albioni.
  10. Have you got a CD-centre or an i-pod? I have an LG CD-DVD-centre and a Sony i-pod.
  11. What last recording have you got? The last MP3 I got was “The Hits of the XX century Rock Music Collection”.
  12. Do you prefer loud music to the quiet one and why? While alone I like quiet music, but being in a company I prefer loud music as it brings joy and gaiety to the jamboree.
  13. Have you ever composed music or lyrics? I’ve written some funny chastushkas, but I’ve never composed music.
  14. What dances do you like to dance? I like to dance both slow and fast dances.
  15. Who taught you dancing? My mother taught me to dance waltz and my friends taught me to dance other dances.

                                             10. TRAVELLING IN MY LIFE.

  1. Can you walk a long distance? Yes, I can walk a long distance.
  2. What is the longest distance you've ever passed? The longest distance I’ve ever passed on foot was 15 km and it was rather exhausting.
  3. Have you ever been on hike and where was it? Yes, I have. Once I was on hike near the Rusza River.
  4. Do you like going on hikes and why? I like camping very much, because it’s great to be on the lap of nature in a good company, cooking meal in a camp-fire.
  5. What was the best travel of your life and why? My best travel was a travel to Moldavia, because I met a lot of interesting people and saw a lot of interesting places there.
  6. Where did you go last summer? Last summer I went to the Crimea to the Black Sea.
  7. Who with do you like to travel and why? I like to travel with my parents and friends, because we have plenty of funny time together.
  8. Where are you dreaming to travel to? I’m dreaming to travel to the U.S.A. and U.K. to polish my English.
  9. What is your lovely way of travelling and why? Most of all I like travelling by plane, because it’s nice, fast and comfortable.
  10. Have you ever travelled by hitchhiking and where? I’ve never travelled by hitchhiking, because it’s not safe in our country now.
  11. What kinds of bike travels do you like and why? I like to bicycle in the vicinity of my dacha, because there is no traffic there and the sights are very beautiful.
  12. Have you ever travelled by sea, by air and where? I travelled by sea when I was in the South and I travelled by plane to the South.
  13. Did you like it and why? I liked my voyage, because it was so unusual and I liked my flight, because the sight from the window was unforgettable.                                                                                                                          

                           11. MY FAVOURITE FILM.                                  

  1. How often do you watch films? I watch films once or twice a week.
  2. What film did you watch last? The last film I watched was “The Diamond Hand”.
  3. What's the film about? It’s a comedy about one simpleton and some smugglers.
  4. Who is the director? The director of the film is incomparable Leonid Guyday.
  5. Who is in it? The whole constellation of outstanding masters is in it, such as Yury Nikulin, Andrew Mironov, Anatoly Papanov, Nonna Mordukova and many others.
  6. What is your favourite director and actor and why? My favourite director is Leonid Guaday, because his films are very funny and my favourite actor is Yury Nikulin, because he acts like in real life.
  7. What kind of films do you like and why? I like adventure films, because they are very thrilling.
  8. What is your favourite film and why? My favourite film is “The Titanic”, because it’s a true story about love and hatred, courage and cowardice.
  9. What film do you want to see and why? I’d like to see “Taxi-3” by Luke Besson, because it’s full of neck-braking tricks.
  10. Have you ever been at the cinema? I’ve been at the cinema repeatedly.
  11. When and where was it? Last time I went to “The Kinostar” a week ago.
  12. Who with did you go to the cinema? I went there with my friends.
  13. Did you like the picture and why? We saw “Troy” and I liked it, because the acting was good and the shootings were spectacular and panoramic.
  14. Would you like to be a cinema star and why? I would like to be a cinema star, because you meet a lot of outstanding people, have a very interesting job and earn crazy money.

                                               12. WHAT I CAN COOK.

  1. Who usually cooks for you? My mother does.
  2. What is your favourite meal and do you know how to cook it? My favourite meal is crab salad and I know how to cook it.
  3. Can you make tea, sandwiches and scrambled eggs? I can make tea, sandwiches and scrambled eggs.
  4. Please, tell the details? To make tea I put a packet of tea and three tea spoonfuls of sugar into a glass and pour it with hot boiled water. To have a special aroma I take a slice of lemon into my tea.
  5. Have you ever cooked shashlyk or fresh fish-soup? I often cook shashlyk at my dacha on weekends and once I cooked a fresh-fish soup with my father while camping at Seliger Lake.
  6. Do you like cooking and why? I like cooking for my people to please them.
  7. Do your people like your cooking? Usually they like it or may be they pretend to.
  8. Do you think a man should know how to cook and why? Every man should have some cooking experience to nourish himself and his loved ones, when they get bored of cooking.
  9. What do you think of women who don't like cooking? In my opinion, it’s excusable for women not to be able to cook if they have some extraordinary merits.

                                                      13.MY FAVOURITE MEAL.

  1. How many times a day do you usually have meal? I usually have meal thrice a day.
  2. What is your biggest meal? My biggest meal is my dinner at 4 p.m.
  3. What cuisines do you like and why? I like Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian cuisines, because they are very tasty.
  4. Do you think you eat too much and why? I eat quite enough to nourish my developing constitution.
  5. What is your favourite vegetable, fruit and meat meal? My favourite vegetable meal is salad, my favourite fruit meal is strawberry ice-cream tart and my favourite meat meal is pork shashlyk.
  6. Do you like to eat out and why? Yes, I do, because it’s so nice to order, to be served, to enjoy the music and kind people around.
  7. How much time before going to bed do you have your latest meal? I usually have supper 3 hours before going to bed.
  8. Have you ever had a stomach-ache and why? Once I ate too much chips at McDonald’s and had an awful stomach-ache.
  9. Have you ever got poisoned and when? When I was 5, I ate some yoghurt that wasn’t fresh enough and got seriously poisoned.
  10. What is your favourite sweet meal? My favourite sweet meal is chocolate tart with nuts.
  11. What is your favourite beverage? My favourite beverage is mineral water.
  12. What exotic meal would you like to taste? I would like to taste lobsters and oysters cooked in marinade.

                                                           14.MY HOBBY.

  1. What subjects are you good at? I’m good at the humanities.
  2. What sports are you good at? I’m keen on swimming, skiing and bicycling.
  3. What do you like to do in your spare time? I like to go in for sport activities, to read, to play computer games, to listen to music.
  4. What is your hobby? My hobbies are computer games and music.
  5. What are your friends’ hobbies? They like the same things as me.
  6. Do your parents praise you for your hobby and why? They like to play some of my computer games, but they don’t like the music I’m fond of.
  7. What are your main achievements in your hobby? I can overcome all the levels of Strategy, Counterstrike and Resident Evil.
  8. What hobbies did you have in your childhood? In my childhood I liked to play Dandy and Sony Play Station.
  9. Tell some more details about it? I used to play Dandy every evening after I had done my lessons.
  10. Why should people have hobbies? A hobby is a good change after a busy day at school or at work.

                                                       15.BOOKS IN MY LIFE.

  1. At what age did you begin to read? I began to read at the age of 7.
  2. Who taught you reading? My mother did.
  3. What was your first book? My first book was “Puss in Boots” by Charles Pieroe.
  4. How long do you usually read every day? I read school books for 2 hours a day and some entertaining literature for 1 hour a day.
  5. What was the last book you read? The last book I read was “The Alchemist” by Paulo Couelyo.
  6. What is it about? It’s about a youth who found his luck and wisdom while travelling overseas.
  7. Did you like it and why? I liked it very much because it helped me to understand myself better.
  8. What is your favourite writer and why? My favourite writer is Leo Tolstoy, because his books bear a lot of wonderful and interesting.
  9. What is your favourite book and why? My favourite book is “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy, because it opens up the whole world of feelings, emotions, relations and traditions.
  10. Have you ever tried to write books or make rhymes and why? I’ve only tried to make funny rhymes about my friends and teachers, but to write books is too difficult a business for me.
  11. Do you think a screen version of the book can be more interesting than the original and why? I believe that a screen version can be more successful if the director, actors and the whole company of the film show their bright creativity in acting, settings and last, but not least in music.
  12. Do you like reading more than serfing the Internet and why? I like serfing the Internet more than reading, because I am the Internet-age child.
  13. What kind of books do you like to read best of all and why? I like to read thrilling books, because I never get bored of them.
  14. What social media do you like to visit? I like to visit  “V Kontakte ”, Instagram and  Tik Tok.

                                                        16.MY FRIENDS.

  1. Do you like to make friends and why? I do. When you make a new friend you open up the whole new world.
  2. Do you have a bosom-friend and who is it? Yes, I have. My bosom-friend is one of my classmates.
  3. Where did you meet your bosom-friend? I met him in the kindergarten when I was 4.
  4. How long have you known your bosom-friend? I’ve known my bosom-friend all my mature life.
  5. How do you like to spend your spare time together? We like to go for a walk, to play different games together.
  6. Do you ever help each other with your homework and why? Usually he helps me with my homework as he learns better than me.
  7. Do you ever quarrel with your bosom-friend and why? I quarrel with him very seldom mainly because of mere trifles.
  8. What do you respect your friend for? I respect my friend because he is a true friend.
  9. What action of your friend do you appreciate best of all? Once I was boycotted by all my other friends and only my bosom-friend stayed loyal to me.
  10. What can your friend do best of all? He can ride a skate-board very well.

                                                    17. MY SUMMER HOLIDAYS.

  1. Where did you spend your last summer holidays? I spent my last summer holidays at my dacha and in the children’s camp by the sea.
  2. What did you do there? At my dacha I played with my few old friends and in the camp I had a lot of adventures with my numerous new friends.
  3. Who with did you spend your summer holidays? I spent my summertime with my grannies and friends.
  4. Did you make any new friends and who are they? I made many new friends in the camp. They are young sportsmen and dancers, singers and actors.
  5. What was the most interesting thing last summer and why? The most interesting thing last summer was our camping out at the sea, when we had a two-day hike along the shore and in the mountains.
  6. What is your summertime dream? I hope to go to California one summer.
  7. Do you ever plan your summer holidays with your people? I usually do now as I’m mature enough.
  8. What is the biggest mushroom you picked last summer? Last summer I found a brown-cap boletus of 20 cm tall.
  9. Where did you swim last summer? I swam a lot in the sea and it was great.
  10. What was the most interesting book you read last summer? The most interesting book I read last summer was “The three comrades” by E.M.Remark.
  11. What pets did you take care of last summer? At my dacha I took care of a she-goat Bekka and in the camp we cherished our general pet Vaska – a big fat tom-cat.

                                                             18.MY FLAT.

  1. How long have you lived in your flat? I’ve lived in my flat 5 years.
  2. How many flats have you changed in your life? I’ve changed three flats in my life.
  3. What flat do you like best of all and why? I like this flat best of all, because it’s very big and comfortable.
  4. What floor do you live on? I live on the third floor.
  5. Have you an elevator? We have one cargo and one passenger lift in our house.
  6. Have you ever been fixed in a lift? Yes, I have.
  7. Who saved you? I informed the controller and she sent a lift-technician to set me free.
  8. Do you have your own room? Yes, I have now, but before I shared it with my little brother.
  9. Do you ever do washing up? I do it very seldom as I hate it.
  10. How often do you clean your flat? I never clean my flat, but I clean my room once a week.
  11. What are your flat duties? I have to make my bed, sweep the floor and dust the furniture in my room.
  12. What is your favourite place in your flat? My favourite place in my flat is my room, because it’s nice and cozy.
  13. Have you ever decorated your flat? Once I helped my parents to decorate my flat. We whitewashed the ceilings, painted the window frames and papered the walls, but it was very exhausting.
  14. What sort of flat would you like to have in the future? I would like to live in my own comfortable cottage not far from Moscow in the lap of nature.   

                                                            19. MY STUDYING.

  1.  What did you get your last "5" and "2" for? I got my last “5” for my math control test and “2” for my Russian dictation.
  2. Do you think it was fair of the teacher to give you such marks and why? It was fair of my Math teacher to give me a“5”, because I did everything right, but it was unfair of my Russian teacher to give me a “2”, because she hadn’t informed us about the dictation in advance.
  3. Do you suppose it's important to get good marks and why? When you get good marks, it means you have good knowledge of the subjects.
  4. Would you go to school if it wasn't necessary for you and why? I would go to school, because I want to be an educated person and, besides, I meet my friends at school.
  5. Do you know how to use the knowledge you are getting at school? Yes, I do. It will help me to enter the institute, get a higher education and apply for a good job.
  6. Would you ever give a "2" to bad students, if you were a teacher and why? Yes, I would, but very seldom. In my opinion  a “2” is a bad mark more to the teacher, than to the student.
  7. Do you ever sleep at the lessons and why? I do, but very seldom, usually when I didn’t have enough sleep the night before.
  8. Do you do your homework right after coming from school or you have a rest first and why? At first I have a rest and then I can do my lessons efficiently.
  9. Do you sleep after school? Sometimes, I do, when I feel very tired.
  10. What time do you go to bed the night before school? My usual bedtime is 10.30 p.m., but when I have a lot of homework, I go to bed at 11.30 p.m. and even later.

     11. Will you continue to study after leaving school and why? I will continue my education, because I want to have an interesting and well-paid job.

      12. Does anybody make you do your homework? Nobody does now, but before my mother made me do my homework.

     13. Do you study better now then before or not and why? Yes, I do, because I realize that I will have zero life opportunities without a good education.

    14. Do you study better than your parents did and why? No, I don’t, because they lived in quite a different time, without so many distractions.

                                                        20.PARTIES IN MY LIFE.                                                               

  1. What kind of parties do you like best of all and why? Best of all I like our school parties, because I enjoy the company of my best friends and there is nobody there to tell us no.
  2. How often do you arrange parties in your house? I usually do it twice a year.
  3. Who do you usually invite to your parties? I usually invite my best friends.
  4. How many people were there at the biggest party you've ever visited? There were more than a hundred people at our last school disco-party.
  5. Did you like that party and why? Yes, I did. We had some snack in the classrooms and then gathered in the disco hall.
  6. How do you like to spend party-time? I like to play, make jokes, dance and have a nice dinner.
  7. Do you like to sing songs at the parties and why? Yes, I do, because I know many bards’ songs.
  8. What is your favourite party-song? My favourite party song is “The forgotten song” by K.Nikolsky.
  9. Do you like to listen to live music at the parties? Yes, I do, because it makes me feel really relaxed.
  10. How long do you usually stay at a party? I usually stay at a party for 4-5 hours.

                                                       21.MONEY IN MY LIFE.

  1. What do you usually spend your pocket money on? I usually spend my pocket money on chips, crisps, chewing gum and some trinkets.
  2. Have you ever found money, what sum and where? Once in a shop I found one hundred roubles.
  3. Who usually gives you your pocket money? My parents and my grannies do.
  4. How often do you give alms to beggars? I give several roubles to old, sick and weak beggars every time I see them, though I know that some of them are swindlers.
  5. Did you ever lose money and what sum? I often lose money. Last time I lost 50 roubles.
  6. Do you take part in your family budget planning? Yes, I do. Sometimes I suggest spending money on something pleasant or necessary for me.
  7. What do you usually suggest buying and why? I usually suggest buying some new CD, DVD, going to McDonald’s or taking a tourist tour.
  8. What do you usually buy for your people? I usually buy them some nice things: ice-cream, chips, crisps.
  9. What income would you like to have when you're grown-up and why? I would like to have 5-6 thousand dollars a month to keep my future family and to meet all their needs.
  10. What would you do if you had 1 000 000 U.S.D? I would start my own business, buy a big house and arrange a charitable fund to help poor children up from poverty and ignorance towards prosperity.

                                                             22. MY WEEKEND.

  1. Are you usually busy on Saturdays or it's your day-off? Usually it’s my day-off.
  2. Do you plan your weekend in advance and why? I plan my weekend in advance to make it more interesting.
  3. Do you prefer to go out for weekend and why? Yes, I do, because it’s a good chance after a tiring week of work at school.
  4. What time do you usually get up at weekend and why? Usually I get up at  9 or 10 a.m.to have enough sleep.
  5. Where do you like to go at weekend? I like to go to the cinema, theatre, exhibitions and so on.
  6. Who do you like to spend your spare time with and why? With my friends, of course, because we’re a cool company and sometimes with my old socks.
  7. Do you ever do your homework at your weekend? Of course, I do, because they give us a lot of homework.
  8. What weekend did you like best of all and why? The one when I first went to the cinema with my girl(boy)-friend.
  9. What home duties do you take during a weekend? I usually tidy up my room.
  10. What do you feel when your weekend is over? I feel like the sun’s gone down forever.

                                                      23. SMOKING IN MY LIFE.

  1. Which of your parents smokes and how much? My father does. He usually smokes out a pack a day.
  2. When did your parents start smoking and why? My father started smoking in the army, because he experienced a harsh time and, besides, everybody smoked there.
  3. Do you like to smell cigarette smoke and why? No, I don’t, because it’s loathsome.
  4. How many of your friends smoke? Some of them do.
  5. Have your ever tasted smoking and where? Yes, I have when I was in a summer camp.
  6. Would you like your future husband (wife) to smoke and why? No, I wouldn’t, because I detest the smell of cigarettes.
  7. Why do many people smoke if it causes lung cancer? I think it’s very difficult to get rid of this habit.
  8. What do you think the government should do to reduce smoking? They should overtax smoking industry ban smoking in public places and wage effective antismoking propaganda.

                                                            24.ALCOHOL IN MY LIFE.

  1. Do your parents allow you to drink beer, champagne or wine at the parties? They allow me to drink just a bit of it and only at the family parties.
  2. Which of these beverages do you like? I like champagne.
  3. Have you ever been drunk and where? Yes, I have. It was at the farewell party in a summer camp and it was awful.
  4. Do you know any drunkard and what is your opinion of him? I know one. He lives in our flat section and though he is a talented man he’s lost everything in his life because of drinking.
  5. Have you ever seen an alcohol making process and where? Yes, I have, when we went on the excursion to the town of Chernogolovka.
  6. Do you ever play jokes on drunk people and how? Once together with my friends we encouraged one drunkard to dance till he got tired, collapsed and fell asleep. Of course, we shouldn’t have done it. 
  7. Do you think alcoholism changes a man and how? Yes, I do. Such person loses his skills, job, family and, finally, his life.
  8. What do you think the government should do to eliminate alcoholism? They should overtax alcohol business and spend more money to divert people’s interest from drinking to healthier things. 

                                                    25.DRUGS IN MY LIFE.

  1. Why do you think young people use drugs instead of alcohol? They seek for some new extraordinary sensations and  impressions with the help of narcotic stimulants.
  2. Have you ever seen addict and where? Yes, I have. It was at the school disco.
  3. Do students in your school use drugs? Some of them do.
  4. Why do you think many of drug addicts are AIDS infected? They use the same, dirty, contaminated syringes for a group of addicts.
  5. What should the government do to avoid drugs spread? They should punish severely drug dealers and involve young people into more useful activities, such as sports, music, science and so on.

                                        26. COPS  AND BANDITS IN MT LIFE.

  1. Do you think, it's necessary to have strong police in the country and why? It’s necessary to have strong police to guarantee security and public order in the country.
  2. Would you like to be a policeman (woman) and why? I would like to be a policeman and risk my life for the sake of my countrymen, if this service gave me a monthly salary of 6 thousand dollars, protection for my family and a free university education for me.
  3. What is your favourite film about police and why? My favourite film about militia is “Come here, Mukhtar”, because the plot is realistic and the acting is superb.
  4. Where do you think bandits come from? I think, bandits usually come from bad families.
  5. What should the government do to reduce crimes? The government should help the family to rise and educate children properly.
  6. Have you ever contacted with a bandit and why? I’ve never contacted with a bandit, because I never visit night clubs or dens of thieves.
  7. Have you ever been taken to the police station and why? Once coming back home late after a discotheque I was checked by policemen, but I’ve never been taken to the police station.
  8. Do you ever help police and how? I’ve never helped police, because I’ve never been involved into any criminal situations.
  9. Do you think it's necessary to have capital punishment for murderers and why? I think, it is, because they usually escape a life sentence and come back to commit crimes again and again.

                                                  27. ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION.

  1. Why should everyone go out of town? When you are out of town you can easily relax and enjoy beautiful nature sights.
  2. What is your favourite tree and why? My favourite tree is birch it’s so nice and so different every season of a year.
  3. Have you ever slept in a stack hay and where? Once I slept in a stack hay when I was camping.
  4. Have you ever breathed by pine-wood air and where? I always breathe by pinewood air at my dacha, because it’s near a pinewood.
  5. Do you like it and why? I always enjoy the fragrant air at my dacha because it’s not polluted.
  6. Have you ever seen oil spots on the water surface and where? I usually see oil spots on the water surface of the Moscow River, when we go to Gorky Park.
  7. What do you know about acid rains? I know that they damage crops, poison waters and earth and they are very harmful for humans.
  8. Have you ever seen one and where? I know that almost all the rains in the centre of Moscow contain acids.
  9. What is it "a greenhouse effect"? It’s an effect of warming the Earth atmosphere because of high concentration of polluting industrial gases.
  10. Why is it dangerous for the Earth? It leads to ice caps melting, rising sea level and flooding lowlands all over the world and, besides, it causes more hurricanes, floods and draughts on our planet. 
  11. What should people do to protect environment? They should reduce gas emissions and develop environmentally friendly know-how in transport and industry and they should restore our nature.
  12. What ecology protecting know-how do you know? I know gasoline electric hybrid engines, windmill and hydropower stations and solar power panels and, of course, nuclear and fusion technologies.

                                              28.FASHIONS, IMAGE, APPEARENCE.

  1. Why should everyone take care of their appearance? People should take care of their appearance to look nice, attractive and to give other people only positive emotions.
  2. Do you often meet good-looking people in the streets and why? Yes, I do, because many people take proper care of their appearance.
  3. What should a person do to be good-looking? To be good-looking you should take care of your hair- dress and clothes, figure and manners.   
  4. How often do you change your image and why? I always change my image before summer holidays and before a school year when I have my hair dressed.
  5. How often do you have your hair made and why? I have my hair dressed every other month and I change my hair style twice a year.
  6. What price do you pay for your hair-dress? My hair-dress usually costs me 500 roubles.
  7. How often do you buy clothes and why? I buy clothes every season and also when I see something smart to keep up with the vogue.
  8. What is your favourite fashion-style and why? My favourite fashion style is sport style, because it’s very democratic and comfortable.
  9. Do you like your parents’ fashion-style and why? I like my Mom’s fashion style, but I don’t like my Dad’s unfashionable style.
  10. Where do you usually buy clothes and why? I usually buy them at markets and shops.
  11. Would you rather spend your money on some new clothes or on something else and why? Well, I prefer to share money between clothes and other things.

                                              29. MY COUNTRY HOUSE.

  1. Where is your dacha situated? My country house is not far from the town of Istra.
  2. How long does it take you to get there? It takes me about two hours to get there from door to door.
  3. What means of transportation do you usually use? I usually go there by suburban train.
  4. How big is your yard? The area of my courtyard is six hundred square metres.
  5. What trees and bushes do your parents grow in your garden? They grow apple-, cherry- and buckthorn trees and also black and red currant, gooseberry and raspberry bushes.
  6. What vegetables do you have in your kitchen garden? I grow onion, garlic, beans, sweet peas and dill in the kitchen garden.
  7. How do you take care of your dacha plants? I weed and water my kitchen garden sometimes.
  8. Where do you take water for your household needs? We draw water from our well, besides, we have a summer running water system at our dacha.
  9. What is the most interesting thing at your dacha yard and why? The most interesting thing at my dacha yard is a small pond where some fish live all year round, even in winter.
  10. What does your country house look like? It is a nice wooden house painted in red with an attic and a small extension that serves as a kitchen. 
  11. How do you heat your house? We have a stove and several electric heaters.
  12. How big is your house? My country house is just a square of 6 by 6 m and an extension that is a smaller square of 3 by 3 m.
  13. Do you ever visit your country house in winter and why? We often spend winter weekends at our dacha, because it’s very nice and interesting there: we walk along a snow-covered edge of the forest, play table tennis and darts, have a sauna and a holiday dinner with our family friends.
  14.  Where do you go swimming at your dacha? We have some ponds in the neighbourhood, but, unfortunately, they aren’t very clean.
  15. What are your dacha duties? Sometimes I weed our kitchen garden and feed fish in our dacha pond.

                                                       30.MY PET.

  1. What pet have you got? I have a dog.
  2. What sex is it? It is a male-dog.
  3. What is its name? His name is Sharik.
  4. How old is he? He is six years old.
  5. Where did you get him? I found him in the street.
  6. Who takes care of it and why? I do, because I’m his only master (mistress).
  7. What is its favourite meal? He likes “Chappi” best of all.
  8. What does it like to do? He likes to go for a walk with me.
  9. Where does it sleep? He sleeps in the hall, because he is always on the guard.
  10. What can it do? He can carry out a lot of commands.
  11. Who trains it? I do.
  12. Is your pal pedigree and does it take part in exhibitions? No, my Sharik is a mere mongrel and he never takes part in exhibitions, but he is very clever and he is my true pal. 

                                              31.MY GIRL(BOY)-FRIEND.

  1. Have you ever got a girl (boy)-friend? Yes, I have.
  2. What is her name? Her name is Lena.
  3. How old is she? She is fifteen.
  4. Where did you meet her? I met her at the party.
  5. How long have you known her? I’ve known her for a couple of years.
  6. Do you love her or only like? I think I’m up to the ears in love with her.
  7. Have you told her about your love? Yes, I have.
  8. Does she love you too? Yes, she does
  9. Do your parents know your girl-friend? Yes, they do and they like her, because she is very kind and polite.
  10. How often do you see her? I see her every weekend.
  11. Where do you like to go? We like to go to the cinema, McDonald’s, Gorky Park, Victory Park and just to go for a walk.
  12. What is she interested in? She is interested in music and poetry.
  13. How do you like to spend your free time together? We like to talk and to joke, to walk and to come to see our friends. We also like to go to the cinema for the last row kisses.
  14. Do you like to make jokes on your girl-friend and how? I do, very much. I usually imitate her friends’ voices on the phone.                                                                                       

                                                       32. MY FUTURE FAMILY   

  1. Would you like to have your spouse younger or older than you and why? I’d like my wife to be younger than me, because I want her to be young and beautiful the longer, the better.
  2. Do you want to live in your own flat or together with your parents and why? Of course, I want to live in my own flat, because I wouldn’t like anyone to pry into our family life, even our dearest parents.
  3. By what way are you going to get your own flat? I’ll get a credit for young families and I will work hard to pay it off.
  4. How many children do you want to have and why? I’d like to have two children, because they will get a lot of fun together and will help each other all their life.
  5. Who will be your babysitter and why? My wife, me and our parents, may be, because they will be glad to nurse their grandchildren from time to time.
  6. How much money do you want to get for keeping your family and why? Life is very expensive now, so I’d like to make 5-6 thousand dollars a month to meet all my family needs.
  7. Who will get you this money? I will arrange my own business to get enough money for my family.
  8. By what way will you take care of your spouse? I will love her, take care of her and give her good presents.
  9. At what age do you suppose to marry and why? I suppose to marry at the age of about 25, when I get a proper education and professional skills to keep my family.                                             

                                                             33. MY FAVOURITE ART.                                                       

  1. Do you like painting and why? I do very much, because it’s beautiful.
  2. What are your favourite artists? My favourite artists are the Russian artists of the XIX century: A.Ivanov, I.Shishkin, I.Repin, V.Polenov and others.
  3. How often do you visit fine arts galleries and why? Usually I do it twice a year together with my class.
  4. What classical books do you like? I like books written by A.Pushkin, M.Lermontov, L.Tolstoy, I.Turgenyev, P.Dostoevsky, A. Chekhov, A.Kuprin and others.
  5. What classical composers do you like? I like music composed by I.Bach, L.Beethoven, V.Mozart, F.Chopin and others.
  6. How often do you go to the theatre and why? I go to the theatre every other month, because I like theatre.
  7. What is your favourite art and why? My favourite arts are music and literature, because they are main sources for my soul and my mind.
  8. What do you think the main function of art is? In my opinion the main function of art is to make people better.

      9.   Do you like modern art and why? I like some modern abstract pictures and collages,          

           music and design.  

                              34. MY FIRST LOVE.

  1. Where and when did you meet your first love? I met my first love at school.
  2. What was her (his) name? Her name was Olga.
  3. How old was he (she)? She was 7.
  4. Did she (he) like you too? I think she did.
  5. Did you tell her about your feelings and how? Yes, I did. I told her that I was in love with her.
  6. Did you kiss her (him)? Yes, I did.
  7. How long did your first love last? It lasted 3 years.
  8. Why did you part? I moved out into another flat.
  9. Do you sometimes see your first Love now and where? I‘ve never seen my first Love since then.
  10. Do you think the first love may be successful and why? Not often, but it may be successful if the young people really love each other and have some fortune in love.


                                                        35. HOW TO BE HAPPY.

  1. What is happiness in your opinion? In my opinion happiness is a feeling of greatest joy, when you get something you didn’t hope to get.                                                                
  1. When were you happy? I was happy with my lovely girl.
  2. What do you think happiness depends on? I think happiness depends on your ability to get what you really long for and on your talent to enjoy what you’ve got and, of course, on a bit of good luck in your life.

      4.   Why can't you be happy all the time? When we get used to having what we’d wanted to  

            have we stop feeling happiness.       

      5.  What do you do to be happy? Though my happiness doesn’t depend entirely on me, I try to  

           do  my best to become an interesting and strong personality to get what I want.                                           

  1. Do you help other people to be happy and how? I try to be a very good son (daughter) to help my parents feel happy and I love my girl-friend and it makes her feel happy.
  2. Does money help people to be happy and when? Yes, it does, when you buy something that helps you feel happy, but you can’t buy love for it.

                                                                 36. Why I learn English.

  1. When did your start learning English and why? I took up English at the age of 8, because my parents wanted me to know it.
  2. Did you personally want to learn English and why? I wanted to learn English, but I hated everlasting exhausting work at it.
  3. Have you ever given up learning English and why? Yes, I have. After my first year of studying English I hated it more than anything else in the world and gave it up gladly.
  4. Why did your resume your English lessons later? I grew to understand that to get intelligent work you should be an intelligent person and it means possessing brilliant English.
  5. Do you work actively at your English and why? Although our English teacher asks us to work at it every day, I can hardly meet those requirements as I’m very busy at school and a bit lazy by nature.
  6. How often do you do your English lessons? To tell the truth, I don’t do them every day, but this year I’ll try to do my best.
  7. Are you an excellent student at you English at school and why? I can proudly admit, I am, as my school English is much easier than my courses’ English.
  8. Have you ever spoken to native speakers and when? Last year I travelled to Egypt with my parents and served there as their interpreter speaking a lot to English and American people. It was great.
  9. Do you ever read any English literature and why? I comprehend that to know English properly I should read a lot of authentic literature, but usually I’m too lazy to do it. Although I hope to change the situation in the nearest future.
  10. Do you watch DVD in English at home and why? I rarely do it, because it’s rather difficult for me, but in the coming year I’m going to watch my favourite cartoons every weekend.
  11. Do you think you’ll deal with English in your future life and work? I’m sure of it, cause both business and our everyday life are being internationalized rapidly with English as the main international language of communication. That’s why I’d like to speak brilliant English.                                                                                                                                                                         


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